Fortnite Mobile Released on iOS

Owen Dragomani, Professional Hype Man

Got a dub carrying AWest.

At this point, everyone knows about the wildly popular video game on Xbox One, Ps4, PC, and now IOS. Fortnite has been making waves in the video game community over the past couple months, mostly due to a unique concept that is free-to-play.

Snapchat stories have been taken over by “Victory Royale” as people brag about how many wins they have.

Over the past week, Epic Games (the developers of Fortnite) have released a mobile version of the game. This allows players to play the game on their iPhones without the need of a console, television, and wifi connection.

Players were able to sign up for the waiting list on Monday, March 12th. Epic gradually started inviting players from the waiting list so the servers would not crash.

Once a player was lucky enough to land an invite (peep the Lucky Landing reference) they were given 5 friend invites to give to friends that were not chosen yet.

This created chaos in Victor. People have been selling friend invites as they are highly sought after. Everyone is playing the game. Walking through the hallway you can usually see about 5 to 10 kids staring at their landscape-oriented phone while shouting “Drop Tilted.” This has frustrated not a few teachers.

You can walk in any class and see students avoiding their schoolwork and getting dubs on Fortnite. Mr.Cutaia commenting saying “It (Fortnite Mobile) sounds like fun outside of school, but you need to do your schoolwork.” Cutaia has been know to threaten to write students up if they are on the dub hunt in his class. 

This is an issue for administrators that boast about our schools amazing academic and athletic reputation. 

But on a serious note, if anyone wants to squad up during 3rd block on BD days, add me on Fortnite mobile, @dragomanio.

If you want to read more about the basics of Fortnite, check out Mike’s article.