Victor Hockey


Jameson Tucker Hill, Staff Writer

In the past few years, Victor Schools have been dominant in sports. Field Band has won multiple state titles, Lacrosse has 3 state titles in the last 3 years, and is going for 4 and  Cheerleading won states for the first time this year. Softball won sectionals last year, and our Football program has won sectionals in past years and went far this year. All sports are highly recognized and very important in Victor Schools, but the big story of this year is the Hockey team winning their first ever state title, I sat down with 3 players on the team, Ashton Collazo, Mitch Rydzyski and Sam Lambert.

Josh Albert launches a pass (Photo Credit: twitter)

I asked all of them going into this season what were their expectations. Collazo said, “I knew we had an unreal team but Section V was the toughest section so if we got out we had a pretty good chance of making it to the tournament.”

Rydzyski explained his thinking: “I knew in the beginning of the season we had a great team we only lost a few starters from last year so we had a lot of returning starters.” 

Lambert said, “We had three goals one to win sectionals, two to get to the Harborcenter , three win state championships.” These guys had high expectations in their season.

also asked them how they thought the team did this season. Collazo said, “We were consistent as a team throughout the whole year and that’s why we did so well.” And Rydzyski said, “we had to just play it one game at a time and that’s what we did.” The team focused on giving their all in each game, and that’s how they became so successful.

I asked them about the sectional finals game against Penfield. In this big moment game, Rydzyski had the only goal in the entire game, and it came in the first period; the score was 1-0 Victor. Collazo remembered that they were, “-very timid we couldn’t let them score and we needed another one and it’s very tough to preserve a one goal lead.” Lambert said, “It felt like a marathon in the Penfield game, just trying to keep them scoreless and Chayse was a huge part in that having over 30 saves.” The team had to hold Penfield scoreless for the rest of the game, but they were up to the task.

Ashton and Evan Millspaugh celly the win.

I talked to Ashton about his goal in the state final game and this what he said, “When I was going down the ice, the defender was in bad position and I did a nice dangle on him, his ankles broke, the goalie tries to poke check me so I sauced over him top cheddar. Then I went and cellyed with the student section.”

It was one of the dopest goals I’ve ever seen. I also asked them how it felt winning state for the first time in Victors history. Rydzyski said, “It was the best feeling in the world, I’ve been wanting that for the past 5 years.” Collazo said, “It was a feeling I’ve never felt in my life.” Lambert said, “It was dope, I couldn’t wait to get that trophy in my hands and celly with the team.”

As a fan of the hockey team throughout my high school career and watching them there has been very fun season but this 2017-2018 season was by far the best/ special season I’ve ever watched.