Top 10 Uncommon Mythical Creatures


Claudia Dedie, Staff Writer

All over the world there are stories that consist of spirits, beasts, and creatures. Folklore and legends can be both about benevolent and malevolent creatures. There are more commonly heard of fictitious beings like fairies and elves, but have you ever heard of these?


  1. Leshi (Slavic): This guardian spirit of the woods will take you to its cave and tickle you to death. To protect yourself from a Leshi attack, it’s said that you have to turn your clothes inside out and put your shoes on the wrong feet.

  2. Aqrabuamelu (Mesopotamia): Also known as ‘Scorpion Men’, they are the guardians of the sun god, Shamash. With heads touching the sky and glances that cause death, they’re known as benevolent creatures that warn travelers of upcoming dangers.

  3. Kelpie (Scotland): Commonly appearing as a horse, Kelpies are shape-shifting water spirits. There are reported sightings of Kelpies at almost every lake.

  4. Baku (Japan): This creature, that’s also known as ‘The Dream Eater’, originates from Chinese folklore. Baku is a spirit that devours bad dreams and nightmares. If ever encountering Baku, beware because he may also devour your hopes and good dreams.

  5. Ghillie Dhu (Scotland): This spirit helps children find their way out of the woods. Mainly seen in the 18th century, this kind-hearted mountain spirit, has a fondness for children.

    Ghillie Dhu
  6. Caladrius  (Rome): Also known as ‘Phalion’, this white bird is able to absorb sickness from a person and return them to a healthy condition. Carrying the sickness within itself, the bird flies towards the sun so the sickness is burned.

  7. Cadejo (Central America): There a both good and evil versions of this creature. The good will lead lost travelers to safety where the evil will lead travelers to their deaths.

  8. Lou Carcolh (Gascon): Having characteristics of both  giant snakes and snails, this beast is truly horrifying. With tentacles and a serpent like body, with the shell of a snail, it can cause a lot of destruction.

    Lou Carcolh
  9. Peluda (France): The definition of peluda is a hairy or shaggy beast. It’s a mix-match assortment of different creatures and other beasts to make a hell of a monster mix.

  10. Wendigo (North America): A mythical, man-eating evil spirit they may have once been possibly human. It’s said that cannibalism is the source of survival for them.