Top 3 Books for Leisure Reading

Top 3 Books for Leisure Reading

Olivia Ross, Reporter

Last year I was interviewed for the paper because of my goal to read over one hundred books. I’m glad to announce that I’ve read over 115 books! It was 116. But while i was reading so many books i came across books of many kinds. Good, bad and mediocre. Here are my top 3 choices out of them.


Don’t Get Caught

Don’t get caught is about When Max received a invite to the chaos club. Max is unimportant in the school scheme of things, so he’s suspicious when he gets an invite. After reaching the location it’s revealed that it was a set up. So with Maxes knowledge from heist movies, and four students who were involved in the set up Max starts scheming for revenge. The characters are relatively thought out, and the lots interesting and has twists.





Jasmine is a smuggler on the Only space city on the moon. She spends the days at a shitty tourist wrangler and at night she works for smuggling luxuries for the poor citizens, with her goal of getting a bigger place. Until she comes across a conspiracy.









  I Hunt Killers

Just a warning this book and the series gets mildly dark, I wouldn’t read it if you’re easily disturbed. 


Caz is the son of the Notorious Serial killer, Billy Dent. He’s just trying to survive until murders start appearing in town. He then uses his serial killer grooming from his father to investigate the case. I hunt killers is the first book in a service. The series starts out as murder investigation then delves into his past and a conspiracy.

I like all of the books but there are major differences between all of them. Artemis is a sci-fi, mystery. I hunt killers is a crime and mystery book and Don’t Get caught is a slice of life prank book. Don’t get caught is generally a light hearted book while I hunt Killers is dark and has gritty themes. Artemis is mellow and in the middle.


Those were my favorite books out of the bunch, if you decided to check them out, I hope you’ll like them too!