Top 5 Swaggy Golfers

Sam Meskos, Staff Writer

  1. John Daly: Not only does he wear some great outfits, but he is also quite the partier on and off the course. He was one of the most popular golfers for a number of years, and he was notorious for disregard for propriety.
  2. Rickie Fowler: Rickie is a better golfer than Daly but John takes #1 for the outfits and life style, not even a question! He has participated in 36 majors in his career without a win, despite 3 second place finishes and 9 finishes in the top 10. Rickie is looking to win the Green jacket one day and win the Masters.Image result for rickie fowler outfits
  3. Payne Stewart: His legacy still carries on today, a true inspiration to the sport with a great and abstract outfit choice. He was top competitor in the golf world and well respected by everyone he played against and in front of.
  4. Tiger Woods: Starting when he was young Woods started his tradition of wearing Red on Sundays. Obviously it has worked due to his 179 PGA Tour wins. He has won the Masters 4 times and was ranked number 1 in the world for quite sometime in his younger days. He recently made a comeback to the golf world and the spectators are loving it

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5. Adam Scott: Starting a young age Adam used a long putter that went up to his mid stomach area.  He won the masters in 2013 and has been a scrappy golfer since. He lead the golf world for a couple weeks but has not played well recently

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