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Ten Skin Care Tips

Ten Skin Care Tips

Skin Care is a very important routine that you should include in your daily life to keep you, and your body itself healthy and looking clean. I am going to give you some of the best suggestions for your guide to skin care to hopefully help you out if you have either dry, oily, sensitive, or even acne prone skin. Enough of this chit chat, let’s cut to the chase.


Pearlessence Rose water is always a good suggestion when it comes to dry or oily skin. It can be purchased at Tj Maxx or online. Rose water includes aloe which soothes the skin and is a good natural product that is very good for hydrating and clearing your skin.


Another option could be T.N Dickinson’s witch hazel toner, which

can be purchased at Walmart or online. Witch hazel is great for oily skin but can be also used for dry skin. It can also even your skin tone. It is not a harsh product so it is good for sensitive skin as well. But if you have dry skin and you use witch hazel make sure you moisturize because it can make it a bit dry.


       As for a face wash, no matter what skin type you have, oily, sensitive, or dry. Unscented dove is amazing!! This soap can be purchased at Walmart or always online. It is not harsh on the skin at all and doesn’t have harsh chemicals like other face washes.


        Now, if you do not have sensitive skin and you would like something that gets the job done a bit faster, i recommend African black soap. Do NOT get this African black soap mixed up with fake African black soap. Real African black soap is not black. It has a more brownish color to it. Anyways, African black soap is a bit harsh on the skin and may dry it out a bit if not used with moisturizer but it cleans deep into your pores and clears skin faster. Can be purchased online or at Tj Maxx.


      As for a moisturizer, OKAY african shea butter is amazing!! It moistens and softens the skin while keeping it clean and looking healthy without clogging the pores. It is very good for sensitive skin and is 100% natural.  


        Water is a major key!! Drink around 8 – 10 bottles of water daily. It cleans out toxins in the body and flushes out your system that may also improve your energy throughout the day and can keep your entire body healthy and hydrated.


        Now, as for a weekly mask. I personally do this 1-2 times a week. This Shea Moisture clarifying mud mask helps even the skin tone and also helps with preventing and getting rid of acne. It can be purchased at Walmart, Walgreens or online.


Lastly, I recommend, if you are able to save some money, at leased once every couple of months getting a facial at a local salon. There are many different options of facials such as vitamin C facials, Teen customized facials or even a five seasons facial that exfoliates and keeps your skin nice and moisturized. Places i recommend visiting would be Michelle’s salon and spa in Canandaigua, or Allora salon and spa in Victor.


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