Animal Therapy Massages


To deal with stress, we will now offer a series of therapies and massages to people that need them. Therapies like aromatherapy, mindfulness therapy and massages as exciting as electric massages, and head massages (see below) will be available. Noted stress expert Dr. Cathy Heathcliff said, “…therapies and massages are the best way to relieve stress.”

On April 31st, Dr. Heathcliff will bring her menagerie of animal therapists to Victor High School 

 The Senior High School going to help students de-stress. Listed below are some popular therapies or massages offered:


Aromatherapy- skunks







Speech therapy- parrots








Head massage- octopi








Mindfulness therapy- sloth






Electric massage-  jellyfish








Physical therapy- kangaroos







Full body massage- giraffe











Foot massage- elephants













Hand massage- gorillas







Emotion therapy- killer whales







Family therapy- Sugar gliders












Swedish massage- snails













Play therapy- monkeys