Saying “Bon Voyage” to Victor


Brenna Kinzel

I’ve always been a very adventurous person. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of traveling. My first time leaving the country other than Canada was the summer before my senior year. Señora Alley and Mrs. Thompson offered to take students to Spain and I immediately knew that this was my chance. After begging my parents and paying about $3,500 of mine and my parent’s money, I was signed up for the first real trip of my life.

Time flew by and before we knew it we were waiting in the spacious airport lobby. Donned with my fanny pack and travel pack of dramamine, I boarded the plane to Spain.

Twelve hours later we arrived in Madrid along with major jet lag. Right off the plane we had to drag ourselves around the city, fighting the urge to fall asleep and risk messing up our sleep schedules for the rest of the week. After meeting our travel guide, Mauricio, we found out the first rule of traffic the hard way. Red man, dead man. Meaning do not even go near the road if the crosswalk light is red. After almost getting run over by a tiny European car, our adventures continued on.

I connected with people I wouldn’t have connected with if I hadn’t gone on this trip. We wouldn’t have known that chocolate ice cream goes best with orange infused olive oil. I wouldn’t have been able to ride a donkey in the mountains of Spain. I would have never gotten over my fear of large bodies of water by paddleboarding in the jellyfish infested Mediterranean.

The churros are delicious, the people are friendly, and there are lots of dogs to pet, it was heavenly. It’s the only place on Earth where you can buy knock off Adidas on the beach, see the place where Christopher Columbus’s body lays, and buy a handmade sword in a walled medieval city all in the same country.

I urge anyone that has the desire to travel, if you put your mind to it and can make it happen then do it. I promise you that wherever you go you will have incredible stories to tell, new friends, and a newly-found appreciation for the world. Travel with people that make you happy and you will have the time of your life.