Summer Hiking Locations


Brenna Kinzel

Now that the weather has been getting nicer, I’ve been going outside for hikes now and then. My favorite part about this time of the year is by far exploring a new nature park that me and my friend find. We are now planning a trip to The Adirondacks but I’ve never been so I decided that other people could probably benefit from a guide to hiking. I feel like we take for granted the ease in which we can go on a spur of the moment hiking excapade. We are so lucky to have beautiful nature around us and not many can say they enjoy it enough.


-Boughton Hill Park- While this is a very well-known park, It’s so big that you can see different spots every time you go. With 330 acres of land, and five miles worth of trails, this park will make you double-check if you are still in Victor, NY! It is free for Victor residents, permits can be obtained at the Victor Town Clerk’s office, 85 East Main Street.

-Dryer Road Park- with 132 acres, this park allows for mountain biking and hiking. I am sure that a lot of our students have been here since we offer a mountain biking unit in PE. All of the trails add up to about 15 miles which is a lot of hiking that should last a while. This is a park that keeps on surprising me!

-Grimes Glen Park- While it is about a thirty minute drive, this park offers a lot to the determined hikers. A widely appreciated park, it can get crowded but the view that you get from climbing steep slopes is so worth it. For those who also want an “artsy shot” to put on Instagram, there are many sources of flowing water.

-Watkins Glen State Park- One of the longer drives on this list but definitely a must-see. With 19 waterfalls, there is no limit on new sights each time you go. The many gorge paths wind over and under waterfalls and through the spray of Cavern Cascade. Rim trails overlook the gorge.

-Letchworth State Park- I have only been to this park once, it is a lot of walking but is again very worth it. Just make sure to go during a dry time because the rock floors on the stairs leading to the falls can get very slippery.


The weather may not be so perfect to go on a hike right now but summer is right around the corner! Bring a friend or two and decide to go on a trail this time instead of staying in. Seniors: these hikes may be exactly what you need to cross something off on your senior bucket-list.