The Buffalo Bills Are Actually Good?


Ethan Roberts, Staff Writer

Finally, The Buffalo Bills are showing their fans a sign of hope this year. The start of the 2019 season is looking to be a promising one for us Bills fans because through the first 6 games the Bills are now 5-1. Being a Bills fan has its ups and downs and it causes many people to either hate the NFL season or very rarely love it. 

The first 3 games this year for the Bills were great and they won them all but after playing the Patriots in week 4 they took a tough loss. Despite the loss the Bills defense only gave up 16 points facing one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. Being a Bills fan has its ups and downs and it causes many people to either hate the NFL season or very rarely love it.

The History of the Bills

The Buffalo Bills are a very interesting team and there is a lot of history when it comes to the Bills. Something that is striking about the Bills is that they were 1 of the first 10 teams to ever be introduced into the NFL. The Buffalo Bills were the 7th team added to the NFL. The Bills had a rough couple of seasons to start out their career but in the fourth season, signs of success started to come alive. In the 1963 season, the Bills tied for the AFL Eastern Crown but ended up losing to the Patriots in the playoffs. 

More signs of success came in the 1966 season but this success quickly ended and started going downhill. The next 5 seasons were an extreme struggle for the Bills after going 13-55 and tying 2 games. In 1988, after the Bills kept on losing more and more games, the Bills came out of nowhere and started to show their dominance throughout the league. During this reign of dominance the Bills won 5 AFC Eastern titles in 6 years and they also became the first team to ever play in 4 straight Super Bowls.

The Bills Now

Now, in 2019, we fans are starting to see a slight glimpse of those days when they went to 4 straight Super Bowls. Honestly, being a fan of the Bills for many years, my expectations for this season are not very high because I have seen the Bills do this before. My expectation and hope is that the Bills at least have a positive record this year and I hope that they make the playoffs. 

As for some other fans their expectations are a bit higher and their hopes are also much more than mine. I interviewed 2 of the biggest Buffalo Bills fans that I know and asked them some questions about the Bills season so far.

I asked Mr. Cutaia what his feelings are about the start of the season. He responded with “ I am pretty happy about the season so far for the Bills.  The defense looks absolutely amazing this year and played an amazing game against the Patriots.  I said pretty happy because the offense once again looks horrible through the first four games. The lack of big plays and play making ability will hurt this time if they make a playoff push. Coaching has been par at best for McDermott and his team besides the defense.  Special teams looks super confused. So maybe not happy but ok with everything so far”. 

Taken by Ron Schwane.

I then asked him what his expectations are for the Bills this season and he said, “My expectations for this season going into it before game one was a 10-6 team.  Now that we are four weeks in I still believe 10-6 is possible. Josh Allen needs to be better with decision making and not try to be a superhero.” 

Lastly, I asked Mr. Cutaia why he is a Bills fan and he responded, “I have been a Bills fan my whole life.  Growing up in Rochester and having the team so close has been more of a family event.  I use to go to games as a kid with my family. While I was younger I used to watch other teams play strictly for players.  I was a huge Deion Sanders fan growing up so I followed him but I always stayed true to my Bills.”

Taken by Gin Ellis.

As for Camden Hay when I asked him the same questions he had slightly different responses with much higher expectations.

The first question I asked Camden was how he feels about the start of the Bills season so far and he responded with, “ I think it’s going great, tough loss to the Patriots but whey were a good team and Josh Allen got hurt which hurt us.”

When asked about his expectations for the season, he simply said “ Super Bowl 


And lastly I asked Camden why he is a Bills fan and he responded with “ I am a Bills fan because of the great culture and energy that the fans bring.”

When it comes to the Bills finishing the season off right there are many things that the team needs to continue doing in order to get where the team wants and where the fans want. In order for this to happen the first thing they need to do is that they need to continue to build off of there youth and they need to utilize the young talent that they have to offer. The Bills this year have arguably the best defense in the league and if their defense continues what they are doing then the Bills will be able to do whatever they want and finally the fans will be done suffering and have something to celebrate about.