The Chaotic Roads of VSHS


Ryan Westbrook, Staff Writer

Senior privileges include luxurious benefits such as late arrival and early dismissal, as well as the ability to park on school grounds. Step outside any morning around 7:15 at VHS and you’ll see almost every senior flooding the on-campus streets, on their way to park in senior spots, and frantic parents dropping their kids off before work. 

Seeking further information on the subject, I sat down with seniors Cameron Germain and William Andre and asked some questions about traffic. 

Traffic is a serious problem in the morning, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard that it took Cameron a whopping twenty minutes to enter the school after leaving his home which is only five minutes away.

“That traffic is wiggity wack,” says Germain, who has a long wait to get into school, with such a short distance to drive. 

Pondering what makes traffic so bad here at VHS, it came to my attention that, through hearing students talk about it, crossing guards may be the issue. Crossing guards risk their lives every day to make sure that, not only we as students, but staff as well are safe when crossing the streets on campus. Be that as it may, Andre feels strongly against said guards.

“Traffic guards stop fifteen cars just so little Timmy doesn’t have to wait more than ten seconds [to cross],” says Will in a more no-nonsense approach. Germain, however, had a different opinion. He is the crossing guards’ number one fan, so I wasn’t particularly bamboozled when I heard from Germain on the subject.

“Crossing guards are the real ones,” said an excited Germain on the guards. “Those guards make me want to come to school every day [because] I know I’m gonna cross the street in an orderly fashion, and a safe manner.”

Crossing guards seem to be both combatants and promoters of traffic according to seniors here at VHS, so possible solutions may be harder to reach shortly in the future. 

Traffic in the afternoon is a whole different beast. Similar to morning traffic, parents and seniors alike stream in and out of the school parking lots, causing quite the traffic jam. 

“The afternoon traffic isn’t as bad as the morning, I feel like, because those seniors that have early [dismissal] are already gone,” said Andre on the topic of afternoon traffic. 

Being a senior myself, I can contribute to the fact that traffic is definitely less atrocious after the 2:15 bell. But to make sure I had all the facts, I approached Mr. Christopher Stock, math teacher, and asked him about afternoon traffic. 

“I have soccer right now, so I don’t usually leave until around 5:30, but when I’m not coaching I leave anywhere from 3-3:30. At that time, traffic is not good… seriously that traffic really grinds my gears, but it’s definitely worse in the morning” said an angry Stock. 

Without a doubt, students and staff alike are fed up with traffic around campus. To combat it, what can be done is up to the administrators, whom were not available to comment. Hopefully soon in the future we will see a solution to AM and PM campus traffic.