Top 5 activities you can do with your partner on Valentine’s day


Claudia Dedie, Staff Writer

  1. Go see a romantic movie with your partner. Be sure to buy (or sneak in) snacks and to let them pick the movie. 
  2. Go to a classy restaurant, like Olive Garden. Or if you’re broke, like most high school students, dress up and go to Taco Bell. 
  3. Go ice-skating with your partner. Even if you slip and fall, they’ll help you up and you’ll have a good time. 
  4. Have an art date. Get a couple of sketch books and just draw random objects or even each other. Even if you’re bad it’ll still be fun to spend time with your partner in an artistic state of mind.
  5. Just chill, man. Stay inside and eat and watch movies all day. Don’t go anywhere or spend any money. Just spend some quality time with your partner