Cares Club Carnival- A Way to Give Back

Kelsey Purcell, Staff Writer

Can you imagine helping kids with ring toss, or racing on an inflatable obstacle course with the smell of popcorn and pizza in the air? You can experience exactly that at the Victor Cares Carnival held by the Cares Club.

Cares Club is a volunteer based club that gives back to the Victor community. The major events that are hosted by Cares club are snack pack and the Cares Carnival.

Members of the club meet in Mrs. McManis’ room to help with Snack Pack during activity period. They put together food packages that go to low income families within the district.  Co-President, Ryleigh Dallimore shares, “before every school break we pack nonperishable foods into bags based on how many kids the families have and we deliver them to their houses.”

After the packages are made, drivers deliver them to the doorstep of the families. Drivers are junior and senior students who have signed up for a route to drop off the food packages.

  The Cares Carnival is a huge hit, especially for families with younger children in the community. It takes place in May, after school on the JV soccer fields next to the North parking lot.

The carnival features games such as ring toss, lollipop tree, dunk tank and many more. There are also popular inflatable obstacles courses, and concessions which include popcorn, pizza and snow cones.

Those attending have different options when it comes to game and concession costs. There is a wristband package that includes both games and concessions; a different wristband that just includes games, or individual tickets can be purchased as well.

The purpose of the carnival is to give back to a family in the community. Ryleigh Dallimore says, “all the profit that we make is donated to a family in the district that has a large financial burden that they might need help paying for, like a funeral or medical bills.”

Many high school students volunteer either to set up the carnival, run a booth or help with concessions to make it a successful event. Students do not need to be a member of the club to help. Ryleigh adds,“we don’t have a strict volunteer policy, anyone can come and show up for a snack pack, and anyone can sign up for the carnival.” 

Cares Club is a great opportunity to give back to the community while simultaneously gaining volunteer hours. Consider stopping by to help with the next Snack Pack, and feel free to sign up for the carnival in the Spring.