The Return of Vinyl

January 31, 2018

Music has been a defining trait of human culture for thousands of years. It provokes emotion and feeling, sometimes relaxing the mind and other times exciting it. Personally, I couldn’t get through the day without a pair of earbuds and a good playlist or two. For me to go without music is for me to exist without my sanity intact.

However, often I find that the digital sound coming from my earbuds doesn’t get me the warm, satisfying one I get from an album on vinyl. Within the last forty years or so, we’ve seen the general decline of vinyl consumption, and the development of new ways of listening to music. Recently, I’ve seen a trend in vinyl interest. People are enjoying the older styles of records more, but why?

Well, if you’ve never listened to an album on vinyl, you might not know what the appeal is. Records are cumbersome, and you can’t listen to them on the go. Okay, maybe you could bring a record player and a car battery with you at all times, but realistically, you can’t. That isn’t really the point of it, either.

The appeal in vinyl lies in sitting down, chilling out, and jamming out to a favorite album, not yeeting down a road blasting eurobeat. It’s a sedentary system, but the difference between digital sound and the sound of vinyl is genuinely noticeable. Trust me, listening to pretty much any kind of music in vinyl is much more satisfying.

You might be surprised to know that most new albums released are also released on vinyl. I recently picked up “Big Fish Theory” by Vince Staples, a fairly new album released in 2017, and though it’s an electronically developed album, I find it still sounds better than its digital counterpart. It seems the quality of sound transcends the technology involved in creating the sound.

I’m a huge fan of the resurgence of vinyl overall. They’re expensive, fragile, and inconvenient, but for every inconvenience and annoyance a vinyl gives you, they offer so much more in the experience and sound quality. Try listening to an album on vinyl if you’re skeptical. It’s worth it, I promise.

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