Trigger Alert: In depth review of Fortnite: Battle Royale

Mike takes a look at his latest obsession: the battle royale that is "Fortnite."

Trigger Alert: In depth review of Fortnite: Battle Royale

Mike Adams, Editorials & Opinions Editor

Fortnite: Battle Royale. I can tell you that I wasn’t expecting much from a game that’s completely free to play, but since its release, Fortnite has become incredibly popular. I downloaded the game myself around 2 months ago after a friend insisted we play together, and since then the game has consumed much of my free time and put me in a state of panic induced rage several times.

If you know absolutely nothing about Fortnite, the rules are pretty simple: The game starts with a drop phase, where all 100 players are aboard a giant floating bus that travels across the map in a random straight line. Players dive from the bus and parachute to the ground, where they can pick up items which include guns, traps, and healable items, which restore health to players after taking damage, or give them additional health.

Players can find loot in various places around the map. Loot is found in houses,  randomly scattered in rooms or hidden in chests that contain multiple items. Once a players have the means to defend themselves, the game truly starts, and all 100 players begin battling with one another.

As the game progresses, the field of play is gradually reduced by the storm, which is really just a giant purple wall that forces players inside a smaller circle every few minutes. Throughout gameplay, players can also harvest 3 resources: wood, stone, and metal, which enable them to build forts and other structures to defend against enemies.

The elimination of other players only makes the game more stressful, as progressing further typically involves players getting better loot as they kill other players. Guns can be found in varying degrees of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. These distinctions correlate to grey, green, blue, purple, and yellow weapons, respectively. The stress of being one of the last players alive often overwhelms me at times, and this typically leads to me doing something stupid that gets me killed.

On top of all of these features, the map has been updated as of January 18th, adding even more places to land, giving the game even more of a chaotic element as if it didn’t have one to begin with.

The new map features changes in the biomes around the map, as well as 5 new towns to land included on the left side of the map.

I wanted to hear from some fellow players about their experiences with the game, so I asked around during lunch and heard Senior Ashton Collazo was an avid fortnite player with 40+ wins under his belt. Ashton’s experience with the game was described as “mostly good, but definitely a lot of raging.” He recommended I try using the green pump shotgun more often as well, telling me, “its a slept-on weapon for sure, but if you can land head-shots with it its one of the best in the game.”

The raging can be attributed to people outplaying Ashton and his squad (which rarely happens) and “bush wookies,” a term used to describe players who hide in bushes and kill passing players. Ashton’s strategy for fending off players includes panic building, a style of play where players use the resources they harvest to put walls between themselves and enemies, giving them the ground advantage along with cover.

The insight of a prestigious player like Ashton is certainly helpful, but I wanted to hear from a few newer players as well, players with 0 wins under their belts. I jumped on the opportunity to interview Nate Hampson, a fairly new player who told me of his struggles with the game.

Nate informed me that he was getting better but he still “completely sucks at the game,” his strategy is to hide and hope he doesn’t die and he has no preference of weapon, telling me “I kind of just pick up whatever I can, I never really get any good guns.” He had a lot to tell me about his biggest triggers in the game as well, stating “I really dont know what to do with the buildables, so I tend to get completely and utterly dominated by anyone that builds near me or builds over me, also I have no clue where to drop at the start of the game.”