Is the paranormal real or not?


Trinity Day, Contributer

Do you believe in the paranormal? Or do you have something strange and abnormal going on in your surroundings when you are home alone? Well I believe in the paranormal and believe there is something on the other side. I have been interested in the paranormal and urban legends since eighth grade. I used to think it would be a cool career to pursue, until I started having some paranormal activity going on in my own house. One night, I ended up waking up feeling like I was getting suffocated, and there was a black shadow figure on me. I knew it was not human either nor an animal. It was a shadow person that was staring at me deeply in the eye. I stared back at it then it disappeared. At the moment, I knew that it was a dangerous job.

I decided to come back to the paranormal job to investigate on how to contact the dead. I am not using a ouija board because that method is dangerous. There are other methods like using a pendulum, candle to a mirror, pentagram, meditation, or automatic writing where the spirit takes over by writing with your hand, and many other methods. The methods that I used were EVP recordings and meditation in order to speak to them. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena, and it is recorder that can catch a frequency of voices like for example ghost and demon hunting. If you watch youtube videos or ghost shows it’s a better understanding to know how it works. I personally did one of the urban legends when I was about eleven years old called Bloody Mary. All you have to do is say “Bloody Mary” three to thirteen times in front of a mirror in the dark. The result of me doing this urban legend was that I saw a shadow in the corner of the bathroom and quickly turned on the lights. Ever since then, I wasn’t able to go into the bathroom late at night because of how freaked out that I was.

I tried doing automatic writing as know as a non-threatening way of contacting the dead and the first session was interesting. I asked the spirit of what year they were born and they responded 1996. I have noticed the writing is small and the letters are very close together. As I did this, I felt my arm moving by itself without me controlling it.

(Photo credit: Reader’s Digest)

My 2nd session got a little more intense and more responsive when there was less people around me. There was more than one spirit near me that were with me that were named Sarah, Laura, and Sally. I ended up asking them if they saw the light on the other side or if they saw hell. They answered that they saw hell. As I asked more questions I decided to ask more about my future. I asked if they knew what year that I was getting married and having my first child, they said it’ll happen sometime in 2020. Then I asked if they knew what I plan on naming my kids and they wrote all three out. To my surprise, I asked who’s the oldest, youngest, and middle child and they wrote their names on there. They kept on questioning me on how am I doing this and told me that ouija boards are not fun.

From those points of trying automatic writing, it’s weird how after doing it either I will feel negative energy upon myself or not feel like myself at all. It is the weirdest feeling too because sometimes your arm will feel asleep. People tend to not believe in the paranormal, because either someone is faking it or doing it wrong. I believe in it because it gives you like a sixth sense feeling, when you mess with the paranormal. I highly don’t recommend not to do this on your own or at all. All I can say is do it on your own risk, because this stuff can be dangerous enough where if you mess with a spirit or demon that can injure you. The risk factor can vary depending on how haunted the area is too. Paranormal investigating is fun and interesting, but it is a do it on your own risk type of thing to do. Be careful and safe with this and hopefully I proved that the paranormal is real.