Teacher Appreciation


Photo Credit: Mrs. Shannon

Cameron Yost, Writer

The students of Victor Senior High School really appreciate all the things teachers have done for them throughout their high school careers. So much that one game a season is dedicated to the teachers who help these student-athletes. The boys and girls basketball team as well as the hockey team have recently had their teacher appreciation nights.

To see how the teachers felt about being picked by the players and how the game went, I interviewed three teachers: Mr. Cutaia, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Halloran. These were just three of the many teachers recognized by our Varsity athletes.

Mr. Cutaia was picked by Alex Hernandez for teacher appreciation night for the hockey game. Cutaia had Alex for two different classes, Accounting this year and Sports Marketing the previous year. He told me how much he loved having Alex as a student in both classes and Alex enjoyed having Cutaia as a teacher.

“I really enjoyed it, my son even ate an entire soft pretzel,” said Mr. Cutaia.

Angelo Cutaia, age two, was also decked out in blue and gold to match his dad. Angelo however, was more interested in the pretzel than the puck.

A few of our teachers supporting Victor Varsity Hockey. (Photo provided by Mrs. Shannon)

Tasty snacks aside, the Blue Devils made strong showing on the ice. The hockey team ended up winning 4-2 against Penfield. In the game, Alex had two goals, which made Cutaia’s experience even better. I also asked Mr. Cutaia which teacher was the craziest fan at the game.

“Bajardi was the craziest fan there, he was really getting into the game,” remarked Cutaia.

Cutaia was amped that all of the teachers received free admission into the game and was given a hockey puck for attending. Cutaia is very excited to get his puck signed by Alex as soon as possible.

Also picked for teacher appreciation night by the hockey team was Mr. Halloran, a science teacher who was picked by Tristan Sulecki who is a sophomore playing on Victor Varsity Hockey. Not only was Halloran ecstatic that he had gotten picked for the game, but he was also very proud of Tristan for making Varsity this year. Mr. Halloran had Tristan for biology class his freshman year and they both enjoyed every minute of it.

I also asked Halloran about his experience at the game and he stated, “It was awesome, I had a really good time.”

Halloran being an NHL fan really appreciates the high school level of hockey and really enjoys attending the games.

After asking Mr. Halloran who the craziest fan was, he responded by saying, “The craziest fan I saw there was Thompson, he was sitting next to me during the whole game and was really getting into it.” Thompson is known for getting rowdy at the games, and cheering on our Victor Blue Devils.

Mr. Thompson was picked for both the hockey appreciation night and the basketball appreciation night. Mr. Thompson is a science teacher at Victor Senior High and is respected by the students and is loved for being one of the “chillest” teachers in Victor. Thompson was very exited and honored to be picked for both games.

For Hockey he was picked by Sam Lambert, which he had for biology two years ago. Thompson said, “It was a pleasure to have Sam in my bio class and we had a lot of fun together throughout the year.” Sam felt the same way when I asked him how it was having Thompson for a teacher.

Thompson had a really good time attending the hockey game and  said he would, “love to attend more games on the regular.” He also said the best time was when his student Sam scored a goal, he said it really increased the amount of fun he had at the game.

For the basketball game Mr. Thompson was picked by Jon Crowley for the teacher appreciation night. Thompson had Jon for two different classes, chemistry last year and bio two years ago. Thompson said, “Jon could be a real pain during class, but at the end of the day having him during class made it a lot more fun for me.”
When asking Jon how his experience was in Thompson two classes he stated, “Oh Mr. T, he the homie, love that guy.”

The basketball team did end up losing, but that didn’t change the amount of fun Mr. Thompson had at the game, he said, “It was one of the most fun games I’ve attended in a while. I loved watching Jon put in work out there and grinding for the boys.”