Meme of the Month: Tide Pods


Rhys Evans, Writer

With the launch of our new website, the staff of The Victor Voice has decided to include a Meme of the Month. It’s pretty self-explanatory: every month, The Voice will decide on a few memes  that we think qualify for the title “Meme of the Month.” The school population will then vote on which meme they think is best.

As of now, however, we are a little lacking on content, so we’ve chosen the Meme of the Month already. The award goes to the Tide Pods meme, an incredibly stupid and immature meme that I hate with a passion. I may hate it, but the meme has gained popularity, making major news networks and even the minds of our teachers. I’d like to put blame on a group of people, and that group is gonna be freshman, as they seem to be the root of all problems.

Anyway, I’ve chosen three examples of the meme, as well as an image of the meme on the news. The included memes were pretty funny when the Tide Pod meme was new and not such a normie thing. Why this meme is meme of the month? I have no idea. “Somebody toucha my spaghet!” is a much stronger contender for meme of the month along with Connect Four memes, but this isn’t my choice. Next month’s meme of the month will be decided by VHS’s student body, so choose wisely. Some examples below: