Greg Cole-Allen, Writer

The biggest thing I regret from being born a twin is not yelling out “twinning” the first day I was born, because in all reality, in the long run, being a twin is a blast. One of the benefits is always having another person to play a two person game or activity with. The experience of having  a twin is almost indescribable, from conspiracy theories thought to be caused by an excessive amount of lead in the water, to pranks of innocent shop owners and teachers.

April 23rd, 2001, I was born in a hospital room. It was a very bright day without a cloud in the sky. Though I can’t remember seeing the sky, I can trust the story my parents tell me. Approximately ten minutes later my brother was born into the world. We were born as identical twins.

From the age of 1 to 5, the only way my parents could distinguish me from

Greg and Jake smiling on their 7th birthday. (photo provided by Greg Cole-Allen)

my brother was by a birthmark and the color of our clothes. My favorite color at the time was green and my brothers was blue, so everything we wore were based on those two colors. Looking back in the family pictures, you can’t tell the two of us apart without putting a color to a face.

At the age of ten, realizing that basically no one could tell the two of us apart, the things that we could have done were limitless. We still kid around about switching each others classes, or pranking a cashier at the drive through. But we are so different that if we were to switch classes, we would risk having to take a pop quiz or a test in each other’s strongest class.

One time in 5th grade, my teacher took my brother to class when she thought it was me. I was carried away to my brothers class, only to realize  that the switch up had happened when we were in each others class and told the teachers that they confused us. With many people not being able to tell the difference from me and my brother , wearing anywhere near similar clothing can be a nightmare. I have gotten used to reacting or answering to my brothers name, which I get greeted by on an hourly basis during the school day.

Many people couldn’t tell the difference between me and my brother if their life depended on it. Many people believe that there is only one of us, and just see us enough to believe that it’s two. Another conspiracy theory that has been brought to my attention is that my brother is real but I’m just a mass hallucination caused by the lead in the water. Honestly, being the main person of a conspiracy is a pretty funny thing.

Greg and Jake keep with the green and blue theme. (photo provided by Greg Cole-Allen)

Being a twin is like riding the Jack Rabbit, which is an old wooden roller coaster at Seabreeze. There’s a lot of  rough segments where you get jolted around ,and a lot of ups and downs where you hate each other and love each other. My brother and I could not be any more different for being twins. For many other people , the experience of meeting me and meeting my brother at first glance is like seeing double, but after awhile is like black and white. But in the end, the real experience of having a twin is a great one.