Skiing the Slopes and Succeeding at Sectionals


Richie Pierpont (Photo provided by Richie)

Santino Rosso, Writer

This year’s Victor Varsity ski team has had a great year. One major component to the sport that many people overlook is how much of a factor the weather is.  When talking to Victor Junior Jack Cowles, he stated ” Although the weather this year was off to a very slow start because of the hot temperatures, we have finally hit a point now were we for the most part have consistently cold temperatures.” Obviously this is a crucial part to this sport and thankfully it has been going pretty well so far this year.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Junior, Lucy Haggerty. Lucy explained, ” I have truly enjoyed this year so far and I already have a lot of grate memories with my friends. I have been doing very well with my races and I also have my mom coaching us this year which is nice.. It is also super beneficial to us with the amount of seniors that are leaders to us and I love all of them.” This tight knit Ski team is lead by the seniors, Katie Carrier, Morgan Anderson,Noel DeBruyn, Alli Kovaleski, Katie Jackson, and Claudia Deiana. These seniors are doing a wonderful job so far not only on the slopes, but as team leaders as well

Left to Right, Lucy Haggerty, Noel Debruyn, Alli Kovaleski (Photo by Alli K.)

This sport can be very easily looked over in high school but I can assure you that it is a very exciting sport to watch. I never had the opportunity to ski or snowboard before , and this year was my first ever time attending one of these events. I did not really no what to expect but I quickly became aware of what was going on and became really fun to watch. I also had a great time being able to cheer and support some of my very good friends while they competed in a very interesting sport that I have never seen before.

Skiing is not only a substantial amount of fun, but we also have a very solid team that is very capable of succeeding. There are strong leaders and clear camaraderie on this team, which really brings them together and helps them win. The team worked hard for sectionals, and Lucy won All-Around Skier, Katie Carrier won Giant Slalom, Lucy Haggerty won the Slalom. Richie and Jack are alternates for the States team. Congrats Victor Ski!