We need to talk….

We need to talk....

Mike Adams, Copy Editor

Dont get me wrong here, Im a lover of all music (not you country) but we have to talk about something that has started to bother me. That something is the stupidly popular rap group known as the Migos, a trio which i’m sure most of you know includes Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. Up until some of their more recent releases I had no problem with them, I even had a few of their songs in my playlist. But as I worked my way through the utter disappointment to rap music that Culture II is, I realized something. Their music literally has no meaning, and sometimes i’m fine with that, you can really appreciate all aspects of a song for what it is when you listen to it, but its just confusing listening to them rhyme meaningless word after word for the sake of maintaining a “sick flow”. I fully understand that people listen to Migos mostly because the songs have lyrics that are easy to sing along to (especially when the first minute of the song is just Quavo repeating the words “walk it like I talk it”) and because the group makes “hype” music, but I listen to music based on my mood, and I rarely ever feel in the mood to listen to three guys rhyming random words that mean nothing. Like I said before, I appreciate all music but I’ve grown tired of Migos everywhere I go and the fact that they only spent around 45 minutes writing every song on their album just proves how meaningless their songs are.