Moustaches for Men’s Health


Carlee Elliott, Staff Writer

Some of you may have been shocked to see some of VCS’s male teachers take off their masks for a quick sip of water and find very unexpected facial hair. That’s because for the month of November, many men of Victor, as well as around the world, participated  in Movember.

Movember is the largest form of global charity for men’s health, which has raised over 800 million dollars specifically for men’s testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health issues.

In order to raise money, men who participate grow out their moustaches for the entire month of November to raise awareness and encourage anyone they can to donate money for the cause. And the men of Victor have done an outstanding job in doing so.

This year, Victor had seventeen participants and raised a total of $3,210, almost a thousand more dollars than last year. Mr. Donroe (pictured)  holds the prize of raising the most with a hefty $505. I guess the Mario ‘stache suits him well!

This year’s participants also included Mr. Hunkovic, Mr. Kurnath, Mr. Engels, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Modleski, Mr. Shelton, Mr. Stock, Mr. Caughlin, Mr. Kavanaugh, Mr. Ojeda, Mr. Sousa, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Vistocco, Mr. Metzger, Mr. Thull, and Mr. Mayne.

I spoke with AP Government teacher Mr. Hunkovic, VCS’s Team Captain for Movember this year, and he expressed that “this was our biggest year” in terms of both fundraising and participants, even despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Although for the majority they’re hidden beneath a mask, there were a variety of facial hair choices, from the classic moustache, to the handlebar, to the goatee.

Each participant has their own reasons for taking part in Movember. Mr. Hunkovic explained that he first started taking part in Movember in 2015 following the loss of his father to cancer. All of the men involved in Movember look to better awareness for those with health issues, regardless of a personal connection or not. You can tell that this means something to each and every one of them.

For more information about Victor’s Movember team (as well as some kickin’ facial hair selfies), make sure you visit the Movember website and search “Team VCS Movember”. The men of Victor have done an outstanding job, and I’m sure they will continue to thrive and top it next year.