The perspective of a new dad: Mr.Kurnath


Meya McKown, Staff Writer

Over this past November, everyone at VHS received the exciting news that English teacher Mr.Kurnath’s son Kip Kurnath was born.

On Tuesday, December 15th I was able to talk with Mr.Kurnath (English teacher at VSHS) about his experiences on becoming a new dad.

“Nice but busy!” was Kurnath’s response when I asked him how becoming a new dad has changed his life. Kurnath explained how different things were having a new member of the family.

It is well-known that parents have to focus all their attention on a new child. “We went from just the two of us to completely shifting our schedule around him.”

I asked how transitioning into a new father was for Mr.Kurnath personally because it is well known that it can be very difficult becoming a new parent. “Great” “ I feel I was prepared enough,” Kurnath explained. “We were just kind of waiting”.

When I asked Mr.Kurnath about what his most memorable experience with Kip has been he stated “The hospital being able to see him for the first time.” Many parents might say that is by far the most special and cherishable moment for all parents.

I then asked about what Mr.Kurnath and his wife were most looking forward to in the future with their son. “Watching his personality grow” Kurnath stated, “We are already seeing some of his personality!”

Mr.Kurnath also talked about his son’s appearance “Every day he looks a little different”… “One day I think he looks like me the next I see my wife”.

Next was the big question every parent worries about before the birth of their baby, “How is sleeping going?” “Pretty good!” Kurnath explained, “We are actually able to sleep for a few hours, he has been sleeping till about 1 am which is pretty nice!” 

Onto the consistent struggle, everyone is facing: Covid, and how it affects introducing Kip to the family Kurnath explained about the struggles of having to tell his parents that they would have to wear masks to meet their grandson.

I then asked how Mr.Kurnath’s wife was doing. “She’s a rockstar” “She has just been so great”. Being a first-time mom can be very difficult and stressful and she has been a great mother to baby Kip!

There is so much preparation that needs to happen before a child is born, like picking the perfect name. Kurnath described how there was no special family meaning to his son’s name that “it just sounded good”. 

When he talked about the inspiration for the name he brought up American singer and songwriter Kip Moore. “I just liked the sound of it” when bringing up the name to his wife she was on board! 

So remember if you happen to be walking through the school halls and encounter Mr.Kurnath don’t be afraid to say hello and congratulate him!