Custodians: Vital to the health and safety of the school

Kyle Stepien, Staff Writer

 We would not be able to go to school if it weren’t for the custodians.  I recently interviewed a custodian at this school whose name is Donald.  He has worked at the school for 12 years. As we have all experienced, Donald’s life has changed due to the coronavirus.

Before working as a custodian Donald was a lifeguard. Now you can find him helping keep our school clean.

The process of keeping the school clean has become more important than ever before. Some new changes include the custodians spraying the doors because they want to disinfect the door and they use certain chemicals.

In addition, the school had to submit its plan to the department of health for approval before reopening.

 Donald said “the best way to help is to follow coronavirus protocol.”  We need to help Donald by following the guidelines that the school has set forth.

The school has been a safe place for preventing the spread of coronavirus.  Our school has the most coronavirus cases in the state and the Finger Lakes region has the most cases in the state.  Eastview Mall is where a lot of the cases are coming from.

School is an environment where we should feel safe and healthy, with some students going 100% online and the case increasing some students are going all online. Everyone is pouring in from Rochester and are bringing the virus to our community.  The virus isn’t dead yet and the work never ends for the custodians.  We need to appreciate our custodians.