Outer Banks


Outer Banks(Netflix)

Brody S Engelbrecht, Staff Writer

Over the quarantine period we all binged the Netflix show Outer Banks. The thrill and excitement of this show swept the nation as it became the number 1 show on Netflix a little over a year ago. Outer Banks features a bunch of young and up and coming actors and actresses.
As season 2 is right around the corner, I figured I may need to spark up your interest in this amazing show once again. In the show, there are 2 groups in the Pogues and Kooks.
The Pogues were everyone’s favorites such as John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and many guys’ personal favorite in Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline).
Like most people starting to watch this show, we weren’t familiar with these actors and actresses and then also like most people they started to become our favorites as they all played their parts spectacularly.
When this show came out I talked with my friends and we all said how we felt like we had true connections with these actors and actresses as we developed favorite characters because of how well each part was played. Hopefully you’d agree with me that JJ is the best character in the show.

Outer Banks(Netflix)

Along with the brilliant acting, although the costume was basic beachwear, you still got the idea that the design was perfect for teenagers in the Outer Banks. Bathing suits, ripped shirts, sunglasses and hats were the majority of the show’s design and it worked perfectly.
The first episode started and you got the feeling that this was going to be some really violent show with sex and drugs as the opening scene shows the Pogues drinking and then running away from the cops as they were trespassing.
Then a few minutes later you see John B and JJ breaking into a motel room stealing cash and guns.
Seems like the show you wouldn’t want to watch with your parents until the end when all you want to do is recommend it to them.
As the show went on however, you got hooked to it and want to keep watching for as long as you can.
As we dive into the show, Ward Cameron, Sarah’s father, sends his friend out on a boat to look for the Royal Merchant, a boat that sank with gold on it in the 1800s. Scooter Grubbs, the friend, went missing that night on his own boat until his body was eventually discovered dead.
After his death the whole island begins to look for his boat and guess who found it, the Pogues.
That is the moment John B decides he needs to figure out what happened to his father and solve the mystery of the Outer Banks.

John B has multiple problems going on in his life such as his father missing, living on his own, school and foster care in his head. He has to fight off all his problems to accomplish what he wants and gets his friends on board with him.
All he wants to do is follow his father’s legacy and ultimately find the gold from The Royal Merchant and from episode 1 to 10 it is an all out adventure and survival task to find the gold.

Outer Banks(Netflix)

This seems like the summer all little kids dream about, trying to find gold on an island with you friends.
Episode 10, The Phantom, left us on a cliffhanger as Ward Cameron took the gold to the Bahamas and John B and Sarah Cameron end up on a cargo ship, heading to the Bahamas.
Most of us are dying to watch season 2 which isn’t expected for a couple of months but we could all agree it is worth the wait because of how amazing this show turned out to be.
Stayed tuned to get more updates and reviews on the Netflix hit Outer Banks.