Therapists During the Pandemic

The Noun Project

Luis Prado

The Noun Project

Kate Farney, Staff Writer

We have many people to thank for their service during these trying times. Doctors, nurses and volunteers alike, though the true unsung heroes have been the therapists. 

Isolation has not been kind to anyone’s mental health. Being left alone with nothing but thoughts and work in the tense political and social climate takes a toll. 

As a result, many people turned to therapy to help them figure things out. So the therapists of the world have been very busy people. 

It is a good thing that people are open about talking through their emotions during these trying times. Due to the global situation, a lot of people have been in their head, and it is better for them to seek someone out rather than talking to them. 

Therapists have to adapt to this situation to the best of their abilities, seeing as they cannot see their patients in person. So they have been using Zoom to perform these sessions. 

Some even say that it is hard to “track microexpressions [and] postures” (Carter, Telemental Health Experiences…)  over the phone and screen. This might be difficult when it comes to new or stubborn patients. 

It is also difficult when isolation has worsened some preexisting conditions. COVID has fueled the fire to developing or worsening mental health issues and addictions, another reason why therapists have been so busy.

If you want to seek help, BetterHelp Counseling can help you find a therapist. If you speak to your doctor, they can also help you find someone. 

Therapists will always be there to help people who need and want it, especially now. Though, we should take a moment to appreciate all of them for the work they have done for us.