Interview with Mrs Arnitz


Gianna, Josephine, Mrs. Arnitz ,Toni

Ashton Fantauzzo

I interviewed Mrs Arnitz who is a Special Education Teacher at Victor Senior High School.  

 While she was in college studying medicine, Mrs. Arnitz volunteered as a homework support person.  Once she started working in a hospital setting, she realized that the hours were hard and she missed her family. This led her to teaching.    

  Mrs. Arnitz stated, ”I became a teacher because I missed helping students. I like to help people, whether it is in medicine or whether it is helping students, it gives me my ‘why’ as to what I do.”

  Before coming to Victor Schools, Mrs Arnitz worked at different schools, including Fairport High School and Martha Brown Middle School. 

Since coming to Victor, she has tried her best to make the school a better place, and a more welcoming community.

One of the positive changes at Victor that Mrs. Arnitz has seen is the inclusion of students with disabilities. “We created a Victor Brew Devils coffee shop which offers a positive internship for students to build job skills.“

More inclusive programs are Unified Bowling and Unified Basketball. These two team sports create enthusiasm and teamwork among the participants.

One surprising thing about Mrs Arnitz is that she and her husband have a DJ business. It was her Father-in-law’s business that they took over when they were in college. They go strictly by word of mouth and work at school dances, weddings and private parties. 

Mrs. Arnitz enjoys meeting new people and celebrating special events in their life.  


Victor Brew Devils Coffee Shop photo credit Victor View