Hawkinson: Teacher, Cyclist, Director


Photo Credit: Mr. Hawkinson

Jordan Boje, Senior Staff Writer

There are many teachers here at Victor Senior High School. Every year, students get a whole new set of teachers for their classes, and they will never meet many of the teachers here.

4 years in high school is not a lot of time to make meaningful connections with teachers, let alone know them, especially if they teach classes that are specifically Juniors and Seniors.

Photo Credit: Mr. Hawkinson

Because many students in this school district do not know many of the teachers that occupy the same building, I wanted to sit down with a teacher not many people may know, Mr. Hawkinson.

Mr. Hawkinson teaches English 12 and AP Literature here at the high school. Hawkinson stated that he likes both of the classes, as English 12 focuses more on “independent reading, research into documentary films, and reading plays.” While AP Literature focuses more on “harder texts and analysis.”

Mr, Hawkinson is also Victor High School’s theater director. Overseeing a play in the fall and a musical in the spring, Hawkinson has put together and directed over 30 plays and musicals here at VHS.

When asked his favorite show that he has directed so far, Hawkinson said that each show is unique in its own way, which makes it hard to pick a favorite one he has directed.

Photo Credit: Mr. Hawkinson


“Sometimes the acting is amazing, sometimes the set comes together really well, sometimes the vocals are great, sometimes the collaborating between different kids and different casts is what’s really important”, Hawkinson said. 

Besides directing theater, Mr. Hawkinson is an avid cyclist. Having 6 bikes, Mr. Hawkinson loves to mountain bike, ride the canal, and road bike.

Photo Credit: Mr. Hawkinson

One of his favorite ways to bike is not one that many people get into, fat tire biking.

When asked  about the expectations for the 2021-2022 school year, Mr. Hawkinson said, “We’re off to a good start, everyone is getting back into the routine of being back into class all day long, but I think kids are excited to be back”.

If you have never been in the theater program, or you haven’t taken English 12, you may not know Mr. Hawkinson. But I recommend you stop by his room and get to know him, as he has a very kind open personality and lots to talk about