Ms. Joe: A story of Victor-y


Robert Miller, Senior Staff Writer

We all in Victor owe a great gratitude to those who keep this school clean. One of the people we have to thank is Ms. Joe. She has recently become a citizen of the United States and sat down with the Victor Voice to tell her story.

Ms. Joe is originally from North Macedonia and came to the United States with her husband and two kids after waiting 12 years to be accepted as a green card Holder. Ms. Joe stated that it was “Sad leaving behind my family and country but it was also exciting to meet new people and live in the United States.”

Once arriving in the United States Ms. Joe explained to us you can apply for naturalization. Or in other words become a U.S. citizen. The process of becoming a citizen is very complicated and Ms. Joe also stated that you have to take a test concerning history, geography and government in order to become fully naturalized.

In many ways the story of Ms. Joe and her family is the story of America. It was once said by President Carter that “We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” The same could be said about Victor, in many ways Victor is very diverse but we also can unite to create a great educational environment. People like Mrs. Joe are arguably the greatest representation of what Victor stands for. 

Ms. Joe not only has become a Citizen of the United States but has also guided her two kids through the challenges of school with one already graduating. I would like to thank Ms. Joe for sitting down with the victor voice and if you see her in the hallways be sure to congratulate her on her citizenship.