Sinister 2 Movie Review


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James Polo, Staff Writer

SPOILER WARNING Over the weekend I watched the movie sinister two . I would rate the movie a 8 out of 10.

 A couple reasons I give it a 8 and not a 10 is because I don’t feel like they don’t develop the characters as much, they just throw the characters in the movie and dont really give you a reason to love or hate them. 

The location of the movie plays a major role as the house they move into was once a church where another family was onced murdered.

 The main character Dylan has to watch these scary films for the nightmares to go away but they keep coming back.

Gramercy Pictures

 Dylan gets scared of the films and the six ghost kids that killed their families follow him around. They see Dylan as weak and someone that can’t finish the job of murdering his family. So they decide to get Zach instead because he is jealous that they chose Dylan instead of him.

I like how they shift the storyline from trying to get Dylan to kill his family because he was abused as a little kid by his father and has very bad PTSD from it. 

The only negative part about that is I feel as if they carried that on for a longer time than they needed but it was a good plot.

At the end of the movie Zach attempts to kill his family. He attempts to kill his family by putting them on a cross behind their house in the corn fields.

He  plans it by putting all his family members on the cross in the cornfield and burns the field.

The police officer would end up finding them and stop the killing. The ending scene I think was very rushed and they could have done better.

It would start with Zach running around trying to find them in the house and then the police officer would destroy the camera.

 And because Zach didn’t kill his family the main bad guy Bagul would end up killing Zach.

 This movie was very good. I feel like they could have ended it a little better but I definitely enjoyed watching it.