Mrs. Diehl, The Legend

Lily Williams, Staff Writer

Usually when you enter school you are half asleep regretting your decision to get out of bed that morning. Going into a building full of people with negative attitudes is never desirable.

However, my mornings are different. When I walk through the north entrance doors in the morning I look to the left and see Mrs. Diehl’s smiling face. She knows just what to say to make my day off to a great start.

Mrs. Diehl has been working at Victor for 5 years. Over the years she has made close connections with students and claims that is her favorite part of the job.

She would not change her position for any job in the building.  

Mrs. Diehl is the one who receives phone calls from family members giving students permission to leave. She is also in charge of people who come to school late. More often than not it is the same students who are either coming late or leaving early.

 The most common excuse for leaving school early is an appointment of some kind, but how many appointments can one person really have in a week?

Mrs. Diehl has had some really good ideas for areas of improvement and has followed through making her job easier. For example the computer when signing in. That was her!

Mrs. Diehls’ daughter, Mya, is now in the high school and she loves having her stop by in the attendance office. She has the opportunity to hang out with her daughter and her friends while working. That sounds like a good DIEHL to me!

Oftentimes teachers think late arrival and early dismissal is inconvenient and useless. Mrs. Diehl on the other hand does not. She finds this privilege smart and a good way to reward seniors for their hard work through the years.

If you are ever having a bad day or see Mrs. Diehl in her office, make sure to stop in and say hi.