VVC Showcase and Teacher Recognition night a success


The Mod, JV and Varsity Squads

Advisor, Advisor

On a frigid Friday night in early February, the ladies of the Victor Cheerleading Program turned up the heat with a high-intensity cheer showcase and heart-warming night of teacher recognition.

The program, held in the JH gymnasium, featured adorable performances from the “littles,” cheerleaders K-3 and 4-6, as well as thrilling displays of exuberance and acrobatics by the Mod Squad, JV, and Varsity Cheer squads.

In addition to the crowd-pleasing full group displays, including the debut of the VVC’s new routine, the night was balanced with teacher recognitions, and senior gifts and celebrations.

Besides recognizing the efforts of both cheerleaders and teachers, nights like this also give the crowd a chance to get to know the new routines, so they can be part of the cheering at upcoming games and shows.

Each member of the Varsity squad invited one teacher to attend. Their heartfelt personal recognitions were read aloud, and the teachers were presented with a hug, a sweet treat, and a photo op.

One attendee, the spouse of a recognized teacher, said that after having been to multiple teacher recognition events, this one was the most special. It nearly “brought [her] to tears” to hear just how much the students realized the importance of teachers in their lives. She said it seemed that the cheerleaders had spent extra time and effort to make their messages even more meaningful.

Mackenzie Johnson and Mrs. Sarneckis

Freshman Varsity Cheerleader Mackenzie Johnson, who recognized her art teacher Mrs. Sarneckis, said that these nights are important because she feels “like teachers don’t get credited for what they do. It’s not like we are here just to learn.”

This extra connection is present for Mackenzie and Mrs. Sarneckis,

who Johnson selected for her good sense of humor and because she is so relatable and understanding. Johnson’s teacher invitee even brought her own gift for Mackenzie: a Starbucks mug.

While the main event of the night was definitely the awesome full-out

The Littles!

display of the brand new routine, the crowd pleaser was the performance by the squad of primary school students sporting “Future Victor Varsity Cheerleader” shirts. Johnson explained that the K-12 nature of the program is great because “it keeps people in the program” and serves as a fundraiser.

In particular, Johnson credits Michaela Barry and Chelsea Gauthier for the leadership of the young girls. Gauthier helps lead the cheers and serves as their announcer. Mackenzie herself cherishes her relationship with her own “little,” a first grader named Natalia.

Although many see cheer as an organization supporting other sports, the Victor Cheer Program, coached by sisters Alex and Alyssa Dayton has become a powerhouse in its own right. The VJVC were recently crowned Grand Champions, and the Varsity team has had a run of success the last few years, with high hopes for another block this season.

The night was full of fun and love, even if the event went a little off schedule or could have been reordered. The girls and their families clearly love the program. Johnson herself, one of four freshmen on the Varsity squad, says she enjoys the sport because of the team itself, saying it is “a mix of fun and getting what we need done.”