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Over the past two weeks I took on the task to get to know what DECA really is. Most people here refer to DECA as a cult, while others say it’s a good learning experience to introduce yourself to the business world. 

As much as people say it’s a cult, overall DECA is a huge connection among people. It’s a way to get a good understanding of the business world because you learn communication through networking, marketing, and even public speaking. All of this forms bonds between peers to make these connections with people, because of the constant interaction and reporting among peers.

Throughout the events, I saw these kids take on the Solo, Duo Team, Competitions. They had great communication with one another because of great team working skills, which led them to get a step closer to state champs.

DECA consists of 4 main core clusters. You take a 100 question test based the main clusters. There’s also another mini off shoot event, off these clusters. Next you go to regionals, and are given a roleplay based besides these clusters that are put in real world scenarios. You have to hit certain performance indicators and answer specific questions based on the roleplay and embody yourself as a person given the roleplay. Then the highest scores go to states.

I interviewed students and staff of DECA to see the behind the scenes of what the club really is. When non DECA students were asked if they would join the club, the majority said no, many followed up with this by saying “it’s a cult” or “is very cultish”, which is an ongoing joke throughout Victor.

Also, I asked others what they think DECA members do at meetings, which is a secret to most. I can say though, they do not “Sacrifice baby goats and dance in a circle”, nor do they “Sacrifice babies” or “Sing rings around the rosie while holding hands.”

Alongside that, I went to one of the DECA meetings to find out for myself what the truth is. Typically from what I saw, they do a big discussion, or they’re given instructions on what their future tasks are. 

The staff and officers of the DECA team did an interactive quiz where the kids could win candy if they knew what DECA stood for. Hands flew up right away as soon as the candy was mentioned, and for all you readers, DECA is the Distributive Education Clubs of America.


The responses I received as to why people joined the club went in various directions. People said stuff along the lines that it looks good on college applications and because a sister or friend was a part of it.

Co-President Connor Doran said,“I chose DECA because it was something I could do with friends, and I’m interested in business. It’s the only business club at Victor.” He followed that up with how the club was competitive and he is a competitive person ,as well as DECA has more frequent meetings as opposed to other clubs here at Victor.


I think the answers were tied. Fellow Co-President Mia Gauthier said,“DECA gave good skills in networking and product marketing”. Some said they didn’t know or they couldn’t remember, for others is was communication, public speaking and social skills. 


Mia Gauthier was one of the top picks receiving compliments from most on how smart and overall charismatic she is. Lily Deeds was another pick, most saying she is very outgoing and competitive in her category. Following up with that, Connor Doran picked Elon Musk. “He has a lot of great ideas and has his hands in a lot of different pots, and he would help us succeed in the role play.”


Most students from Victor and Surrounding Rochester Schools have said yes. A student from Cananadaguia says “I do think there’s a loyalty to DECA, when you join. People who were on the team prior are expected to join after and the people who are returning are there to be a part of the team vs to win.” But overall all students from around, other than one of the Presidents here at victor, do say DECA is a cult.

I think differently though. After spending the day with the team, interviewing people from Victor and surrounding schools. I learned what DECA truly is to people, and why they joined. They joined the club to meet new people, get a look into the Business world. To make long lasting friendships. To become a family, and that’s what DECA is.

It’s a family.

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