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Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters- A Taste of Home!


Now I know there’s a lot of “basic Bs” like me, but there’s not as many places like the one I’m going to tell you about. I’m just a (girly) girl. I like shopping, shoes, gossipy girl talk, and most definitely an iced coffee from Starbucks. Starbucks is the go to place for coffee in any teen girl’s mind. Sometimes the lack of hesitation to route the navigation to the nearest Starbucks stops people from realizing their other options. 

What most don’t get to witness is the charm and undeniable quality of experience when going to a small town coffee shop, that’s much closer to home than most realize. A coffee shop like Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters, where every sip is a taste of home.

Starbucks is a large chain coffee shop that makes over 20 billion dollars a year in profits from the endless stream of customers, wanting a tasty “hand crafted” drink, no matter the time of day. Every business starts small, but when becoming a large franchise it’s not often possible to put in the love, effort, and quality ingredients in each drink to make every experience unique. That’s something that Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters manages to capture.

These enriched coffee flavors may even seem familiar to you, and that’s because our own beloved Victor Brew Devils sources their coffee from Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters. Last school year our little school coffee shop was an absolute hit with students due to the undeniably easy access to a delicious hit of caffeine to get your school day going. The most popular drink being Finger Lakes prized Jamaican Me Crazy known for its perfected level of sweetness and hint of pecan. 

Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters, is an easy pitstop that’s conveniently located on the corner of a popular intersection in Farmington, among other locations local to our area. Anyone could stop while on the way to workPhoto or school. The shop is small but mighty, and holds value in its charm. From your first step through the door the mood is set with relaxing ambient lighting and a strong rustic theme. 

Although some may say the space can become a little tight on busy days, the main area shared by customers is nothing short of welcoming and homey. Not to mention the employees add to the welcoming feeling, by always being kind, and especially patient when you need to take your time to make up your mind with all of the options to choose from.

With a strong attention to detail the shop is well decorated and filled with items that catch the eye. With a mug wall that holds local treasures, customers can purchase drinkware that is pleasing to the eye and themed around our beloved Finger Lakes. This makes it a wonderful way for those who are new to the area to treat themselves to a cute yet functional souvenir.

PhotoCoffee beans are on display with a variety of flavors to choose from for those who like to have a taste of home within the comfort of their own. The widespread of options allows everyone to discover a taste that they love with unique flavor notes that are favored by most. They also make sure to not exclude those with a preference for decaf by offering each flavor in an uncaffeinated form.

Customers never have to lift an extra finger because Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters handles everything for you. If you’re unable to grind your own coffee beans at home, there’s no need to stress! After picking out your favorite coffee beans, you can request to have them grounded for you and it’s done within seconds. 

For those who just need a pick-me-up, or are in a hurry, don’t have to worry about bringing coffee back home to make themselves. They can just order a fresh handcrafted coffee straight from the shop and be on their merry and energized way. 

There are many different options to choose from and include a variety of drinks so you can always try something new. Hot or iced, frothed, steamed, and a personal favorite; frozen. From a heart warming latte, toPhoto a frozen mocha, to a plain black coffee, Finger Lakes has what you need to ignite your taste buds and effortlessly add an extra positive twist on your day. 

When given the chance, I highly recommend checking out Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters at one of their various locations in and around the 585, and supporting a local business that supports our community.

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