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The Blue Man Group

Members of the Blue Man Group, covered in paint after a drum session.

If you are wondering what the Blue Man Group is, let me tell you that I have been to one of their performances, and I am still wondering the same question. They are listed as a “Musical Group” and I guess you could call them that, but unlike any other musical group they wear some type of blue cover-up over their face that just makes the whole experience feel very creepy.

The Blue Man Group is present in many areas, with groups of 3 of them performing all over major cities. This performance happened to be at Charles Playhouse in downtown Boston. Each performance is about 90 minutes long with no intermission, and believe me, they could use one. 

The show started off with the 3 men hitting drums as paint went up in the air, the colors being red, yellow, and blue. The sounds coming off the drums seemed to form some type of beat, none that I or I amuse anyone else, could recognize.

At the top right of the stage were 3 other performers, dressed in some sort of highlighter/skeleton outfit, playing the background sounds, as well as music while the actors went backstage. The light would shine on them every so often, just adding to the absolute confusion of what I was witnessing. 

After the first act, the Blue Man Group’s antics consisted of throwing about 25 marshmallows into one guy’s mouth, spitting paint on a posterboard, and making music through bent pipes for the next 45 or so minutes. The marshmallow catching was very impressive, however I must question the legitimacy of this act.

I was very unimpressed by the paintings made throughout the show, especially towards the end. The Blue Man Group brought a girl out of the crowd, taped her to a board, threw some paint on her and the background behind her, and that was all. When the women backed away, some random array of art was left behind, not necessarily mirroring anything specific, just a blob of paint that you could draw while fooling around.

The other time the crowd got involved was during a little handcuff scenario, where the two people on stage found themselves handcuffed together, which was done in secrecy and one was of the best acts throughout the event.

I asked some of my classmates for their thoughts on the Blue Man Group. 

Connor Doran had this to say, “I thought it was a lot, it was a lot going on. Wasn’t really my thing, lacked thought, lacked precision. It failed to make me think, or ponder anything. One thing it asked is why, why do people pay for this show, why do people sit through this. Just why.”

Trevor Ike piggy-backed off of Connor saying, “I thought it was terrible, really weird, wasn’t very appealing to me, thought it was a waste of time.”

So if you ever find yourself in Boston or another major city, and you’re looking for something to do, why not check out the Blue Man Group, who performs at night as well as other times throughout the day, and maybe you will be just as flabbergasted as I was and still am.


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Garrett Clar
Garrett Clar, Staff Writer
Garrett Clar, is a senior attending Victor Senior High School. He is a first year Journalist and is a staff writer. He likes to play basketball in his free time and focuses mostly on writing about sports. He is an active DECA member and varsity basketball captain.  

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  • J

    Jonah IwankowApr 26, 2024 at 10:10 am

    if people are paying to see you throw marshmallows and throwing paint on them, you’re doing something right

    we warned you to dare question the blue man group,,,