Welcome Walker Kurnath!


Some exciting news has begun to crawl around Victor: Walker Kurnath has stepped up to the plate.


Mr. Kurnath is one of our most interviewed teachers for the Victor Voice. Maybe it’s because he is outgoing and easy to talk to, or just some students’ favorite teacher, either way, we decided to interview him just one more time about his new son Walker.


Mr. Kurnath filled us in with what is happening at the Kurnath house. Everyone is healthy and excited about the new addition to the family.  He and Mrs. Kurnath have had experience already with their toddler Kip, but now, with another baby Kurnath stirring the pot, things could get crazy, fast.


The process was easier the second time around, but Kurnath’s biggest worry was, “transitioning from man to man, to zone defense”. Basically saying, having one child allows the focus to only be on them, but now with two, Mr and Mrs. Kurnath has the fun of guarding both!

Not only is this change big for Mr. and Mrs. Kurnath, but Walker’s older brother Kip also has adjusted to this new addition to the family. Kip likes having a little brother, because of the company, but, when Walker gets more selective attention, he sometimes gets upset or jealous. Obviously, this will take some time to get used to. Kip definitely wants to spend lots of time with his new little brother.


The arrival of Walker has also affected his teaching. “They go hand and hand, but being patient when Kip is testing me, is a lot more natural, than trying to be patient for a student that does it on purpose.” Kurnath touched a lot on being patient. He believes his teaching has helped build up the patience level for being a parent.

The biggest question we wanted to ask Mr. Kurnath was, did they know the gender of the baby before? Indeed they did! The Kurnaths didn’t want to buy a bunch of gender-neutral things, so they found out beforehand to be more prepared for the Walker.


The Kurnaths’ toddler Kip has a stuffed animal that is an elephant named Ellie. Ellie the elephant was actually originally a gift from Mr. Kurnath to Mrs. Kurnath in college and Kip developed a love for this elephant! Walker does not yet have a sentimental stuffed animal or blanket yet, maybe along the way he will find a blanket, stuffed animal, or binkie that he will develop a love for.