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Who is Mrs. Muster?

Mrs. Palmer
Mrs. Muster with her husband and 2 boys

Who is Mrs. Muster?

“ I was an EMT”.


 “I became a certified first responder”.  


“I’ve grown an entire business on social media ” 


Mrs. Muster is not your typical health teacher by any means.  She has an incredible medical background, she runs and manages her own business, and she’s also a health teacher in Victor schools.

 What made her want to become a teacher though? “I like working with kids”. She truly enjoys teaching and watching kids improve and learn. That may be her reason for teaching but why did she want to teach health?

 Mrs. Muster’s main reason for wanting to teach health was actually her own impressive medical background. At age 14 she volunteered at Perinton ambulance and continued to do so all throughout high school. When we were all getting our permits at age 16. Mrs. Muster became a dispatcher for medical emergencies, which is rather impressive.

 When she turned 18 she decided to work and became an EMT at Perinton ambulance. This led to her wanting to pass on her extensive health knowledge to the younger generation through her teaching. 

You may have noticed that she isn’t in high school anymore, but that is not without reason. “Well they had an open position and I wanted to try something new and something where I could focus on my own business more”. This makes a lot of sense if you know Mrs. Muster, you know she likes to keep trying new things. 

Also with a growing business like hers it makes sense she wants to put more time into developing and furthering it. Her own business “TheBlisshouse” is a successful eDesigner website where she helps people looking to design a room or incorporate memorial pieces of furniture into their homes.

Mrs. Palmer

She can completely remodel a room and give a list of products to help bring more life to it as well. It makes a lot of sense for her to take a step down to focus on building her passion. She also loves the major difference between high school and junior high students which is “participation”.

 That is also one of her favorite differences in her new job and she loves that kids are more willing to participate and learn in class.

Enough about her job life. Let’s dive into who Mrs. Muster really is outside of the school. When she is not in school she loves to ski during winters and spend time with her kids. She also loves to hike and likes to go to the Adirondacks.

 Mrs Muster also would love to teach a class about entrepreneurship and how to grow a business online . She has grown an entire business off of social media and would be the greatest teacher to teach this class. Especially because of how passionate she is about it.

I wanted to throw a random question at her to try to throw her off and get more of her personality. 

I asked her what she would do if she won the lottery.” I would buy a lake house on the adirondacks.I would book at least 2 traveling trips a year and I am a big saver so I would save a lot of it. I would also give a lot to my close family.” She is a very family oriented teacher and loves to do things that would benefit her and her family.  

Mrs. Muster is a Phenomenal teacher and has done a lot for me so I wanted to share her as a teacher. She is amazing and I would recommend to anyone that they go and find her in the Junior high to catch up or say hello.

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Aiden Clinkscales is a senior at Victor High School. This is his first year as a journalist. He likes watching sports in his free time and is a member of the varsity lacrosse team. As a journalist, he plans to focus on stories that deal with football, basketball, soccer and baseball. He also enjoys helping out the community and likes to spend time with friends.   

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